Jay is a graduate of Mitch Mattew's Elite Life Coaching Certification (2013) and completed 60 hours of ACSTH training in Essential Impact's Excelerator Coaching Model (2017).

Jay Lehman is a speaker, consultant and leadership coach with over 20 years of helping people create and sustain personal growth.

His years as a youth worker gave him the opportunity to realize that giving students the chance to experiment with leadership responsibility provided a stabilizing keel that accelerated their maturity and vision for life.

His years as a point leader of a local church congregation forged an appreciation for the mentoring of emerging leaders who needed an advocate to provide them the freedom to step out and make a difference.

His time working in a residential facility with men transitioning back to the community from prison gives him the sober appreciation for the power of decisions to shape our lives.

Jay launched Silent Partner Coaching in 2013 with the conviction of the difference that could be made in the world if more people were given the opportunity to unleash their potential.

His love for learning and growth continues with his ongoing pursuit of graduate studies at Tyndale University College & Seminary.

Jay and his wife Christy with their 3 sons Noah, Jonah and Isaac.

To stay sharp and refreshed, Jay loves wilderness canoe-tripping and coaching his son's sports teams.

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