Hire Jay as your coach.

Jay has a unique gift for helping

people unleash their potential.

Imagine what more you could be and do

with a silent partner that invests in you

one on one.

Coaching Options


Jay uses the powerful Excelerator Coaching System to help you master the unique leadership challenges of your enterprise environment. Jay can help you to think more strategically, make better and faster decisions and bring the best out of the people around you.


Jay would love to lead you through the life-changing experience of understanding what you were born to be and do.  You will emerge from this proprietary process with fresh confidence and clarity around your motivates and contribution in regardelessof what environment you are in.


Jay uses the empowering Prepare-Enrich relational assessment tool to help you and your partner diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship.  

Jay is still batting ".1000" after 20 years of preparing couples for marriage.


Jay uses a variety of assessment tools to help you understand and leverage your signature personality and leadership style.  As a trained facilitator in the Birkman Method, Jay can empower you with the personality and occupational data that will accelerate your professional development.

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